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This section of our blog focuses on editorial and opinion materials created by fellow contributors, which bring added value to the general content of the MyHappy.City blog.

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The aim of this category is top spread the word about the latest trends in technology, education, management, psychology, human resources, jobs, innovation, evolution, etc. Although not necessarily subjects that have a direct impact on the cities, these matters can affect and determine changes to some extent.

Here at H.appyCities, we want to create a community of professionals who can express their views freely. We think that in order for us to provide a global network of solutions, we should open our platform for different perspectives. Only in this way we can actively create and recommend the best practices.

As specified in the other sections of the website, the end objective behind bringing all these experts under one roof is to encourage an exchange of information, opportunities, challenges, and create the appropriate environment that sustains great collaboration between experts from diverse fields of practice.

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