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What modern cities have left behind

modern city problems

The new technologies around the world are constantly pushing all the countries to innovate, adapt and create new ways or tools to benefit their population. This effort is to construct a modern city that makes life easier and give the perfect solution for all the convivence problems. This thirst to become the most modern city have left aside big issues and some traditional aspects that were very valuable for the culture.

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The root of the word City comes from Latin, its basis is citizen, and the meaning is a group of citizens. That’s why the governments make efforts to do good, but they tend to forget the problems that this constant growth is creating and how they affect the people. The problems that modern cities are following. The first thing on the list is to fix is transportation, but the consequence of that is the pollution and the impact on traffic that as a result affects the convivence on it. The increase of vehicles and the high demand for public transportation creates smog that affects the quality of life of each individual.

Another problem is how privacy almost disappearing. This happens because a modern city tends to attract people from the smallest towns and new buildings have to be built in order to give a home and jobs for those newcomers. The issue is that space is being crowded leaving less space and a lot of trees have to go down.

The main problem that is going to increase is the treatment of water. There is no accurate management and distribution of this source. The other problem is how to sanitize the water, the pollution on it comes from trash and industrial waste.

These are some things that modern cities have left behind on a resource matter, but that’s not all.

The effect of traditions

Some cultural aspects are being cut off giving a cold sensation and less human, the modern architecture gives an impression of something new, but the warmth that old cities had is gone. Some people can say that we are losing our traditions and giving up part of our humanity to be the city at the forefront.

A lot of towns are well conserved and respected for their beauty, warmth and lessons that have been learned through history. The old buildings used to remind us from where we come and how much growth we have done through time, instead, youngsters have less interest in culture or respect to old traditions, that’s not entirely an education problem, but an effect of new technologies that are taking away old traditions for new ways to live.

The governments need to foment the interest and respect of the old traditions using the technologies to protect and teach all the people. These tools have to benefit society in all the levels and keep us close to our routes so we don’t make the same mistakes that the old modern cities have done.

modern city problems

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